Invisible Infants

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What is the moral and pragmatic cost of abortion and tens of millions of missing people?
No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.

The real problem is we've made it so easy to kill we've forgotten how to care.


Letters from Readers

Please read the letter below then call the editorial page editor of USAToday and suggest that the paper publish Mike's column (click here to read it). The phone number is 800 872-0001. His name is Brian Gallagher. I suggest you read the letter and the column to him, and ask if he would at least look at my column. The circulation of USAToday is 1.9 million, by far the largest paper in the country.

From: RJT & EMT
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 9:36 PM
Subject: Invisible Infants

Dear Mr. McManus:

I have always been against abortion. I am 75 years old and when I had children, there were no fancy machines to tell whether the child I was carrying was male or female. Now, mothers carry around pictures of their babies in the womb at very early weeks of their pregnancy. I would think these ultrasounds would make pro-abortionists think twice when these pictures are obvious signs of LIFE!

When I thought of abortion, I thought of the tiny baby who would not live, of the consequences the mother of this child possibly would suffer later in her life when she would think about this child and how old he or she would have been and if she would have regrets.

But I never thought of all the other “practical consequences” that are in your article about Invisible Infants. It all
made so much sense to me. It’s like the ripple effect of throwing a rock into a pond. Like me, I am sure there are a lot of people out there who never thought about these practical consequences.

So I emailed your article to about a dozen of my friends who feel as I do. Then I went to a beauty salon and was telling my beautician about these things, knowing she was against abortion too. (However, in cases of rape, she is not against it.) She was astounded as I was, but then just as quickly she responded: “Well, you know, we could kind of turn that around and look at it another way.” She said since so many babies would be born to unwed mothers or families that cannot afford another mouth to feed, how many more families would be on welfare, how many of these un-aborted would be unemployed, unable to find jobs, homeless, on unemployment, and on and on.

I was taken aback when she took that view and I felt that realistically there would be some who might be on welfare and unemployed, but not enough to offset the figures set forth in your article. Remarks like that cannot make me feel differently about abortion, but it upset me that someone could turn things around like that. I think what also upset me is that I could not think fast enough to respond to her – I just couldn’t think that fast to come up with a reply.

Your article is so mind-boggling, I think these kind of facts should be brought to public attention – I don’t know exactly the means by which it could be done, or if there would be laws preventing it, but I even thought about copies of the article and the documentation that backs it up being available in churches and possibly in doctors offices.

Keep up the good work – E