Invisible Infants

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What is the moral and pragmatic cost of abortion and tens of millions of missing people?
No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.

The real problem is we've made it so easy to kill we've forgotten how to care.


My Little Room: Think About It.
Poem: "The Choice" (c)2010 Rock Peters
Text of Poem Below Video
(c)2010 Rock Peters

Last night my father and mother came together
and I was conceived
at that moment God gave me my soul
and a miracle was achieved,

I am happy nestled
in my motherís womb
it was made for me
my little room,

My mother does not yet
know that I am in her
soon sheíll feel me
as I begin to stir,

I am a baby girl
sheíll pick out my name
I wonder what it will be,
maybe the same?

I am getting big
now I have eyes, hands and feet
I so hope my mother loves me
and thinks Iím sweet,

She and I are connected
by an umbilical cord
this has been done
by the Lord,

Today my mother found out
I am here
suddenly I
am full of fear,

Sheís not happy
Iím unwanted
about what sheíll do
I am haunted,

My father too
didnít like the news
heís unsure
about what to do,

It seems my parents
are unmarried
so theyíre not sure
I should be carried,

I heard my mother say Iím her body
isnít that just fine?
Hey Mom! Iím not a tumor
and this body is mine!

An unborn child
is not a malignancy
and that is why

Somehow she thinks
my life is her choice
just because
she cannot yet hear my voice,

If I were born
I would have every right
but in my motherís womb I have none
and for my life I canít fight,

Today they made the decision
I will die
in my motherís stomach
I cry and cry,

Tomorrow is the day
Iíll be killed
this is what
my own parents have willed,

Iíll never get the chance to play dolls
or go to school
my mother will never
wipe away my baby drool,

Before I ever
get my start
my parents will stop
my little baby heart,

The moment has come
an object is coming inside
I try to run
but cannot hide,

I want to cry, ďMommy save me!Ē
but sheís the one
by whom to me
this is being done,

I am caught by my leg
I let out a silent scream
this is the end
of all my little girl dreams,

I thought I was safe
in motherís womb
but I wasnít safe there
it was my tomb.