If We Stop Abortion, What Happens?

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Or, The Fallacy of the Phased End to Death

So let's be very clear on this. Abortion is the taking of a human life. A deliberate and willful termination of human being who has inalienable rights and is protected by our Constitution (and the constitutions of many countries).

For a myriad of reasons governments and groups throughout the world have chosen to allow the silent and hidden termination of these defenseless young citizens of the world.

The Dilemma

Now we are faced with a dilemma: We have killed so many infants that the US and many other countries are starting to feel the full effect of this decimation of our population.

We are entering a phase I am calling "The Great Societal Swap Meet." Why? Because the US and many other countries have gutted all future productivity and growth. The number of consumers and producers is severely limited or is being reduced annually. This mean that the market for goods and services is finite. There simply wont' be the kind of growth and profit we've seen for the past 30 years.

What Else Happened That Day?

Further, we cannot escape the agonizing conflict drawn by the gun debate and recent school shootings. It was horrible and around the world people shared the grief of the death of those you students.

What else happened that day? Lot's of people died by various means (besides natural causes). Many just as random and horrible as the shootings in the school.

Type of Death Per Day
Accidents (unintentional injuries) 331
Influenza and Pneumonia 137
Intentional self-harm (suicide) 105
Homicides  45
Traffic Fatalities 62
Drunk Driving Crashes 28
Abortions 7,809
TOTAL 8,517

So we we are saturated with rhetoric about protecting our children while will passively allow between 3000-8000 children a day to be silently destroyed. Far more people are killed by knives and clubs than guns. But we don't clamber for regulations for those items.

We Can't Phase Out Abortion. So What Do We Do?

If abortion is murder, and it is, then there is only one option: Stop the practice now. That means that the number of live births per day would immediately increase by 2000-5000 per day.

Where would they go?

Please get this clearly in your mind: We do not need government programs to make this work.  We only need cooperation.

  • Encourage Marriage: Existing programs would need to be implemented that encourage marriage and assist couples in succeeding in this critical relationship. Why? Stable, long term monogamous relationships have been the the single, consistent, stabilizing factor for long term growth of populations.
  • Educate About Adoption: Women who are pregnant and unwilling or unable to care for the children need to be given an incentive to offer their child for adoption.  Why? Mothers know intuitively that the baby in their womb is a living human. And it part of our created nature to care for family. Many women who simply cannot raise a child keep their babies and often expose them to an inhospitable environment.
  • Engage Existing Adoption Organizations: There are hundreds of good adoption organizations with well established standards and processes.  They need to be funded and given the right to accelerate the adoption process to fill the thousands of adoption requests that are unfilled.

Abortion simply cannot be explained. The evidence is clear. We are murdering 1000's of innocent children every day. But they aren't cute white middle-class six-year-olds with great stories and pictures. So no one cares. Do you care?

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No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.
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