The Common Mis-Question: Where would they all live? What would they do?

Common illustrations like this (from the United Nations Population Site) make it seem that the world is nearly full of people.

It is really like this.

The most frequent objection to this site is asked like this: "Oh that's terrible. But where would they all live? What would they all do?" Even well-meaning pro-lifer's have asked this. The real problem is we've made it so easy to kill we've forgotten how to care.

FIRST: This is not a site about global population issues. However, having said that, the current popular teaching on population is so rife with incorrect presuppositions and ideological fallacies that one should take it all with the highest amount incredulity. The fact is that you could put the entire population of the world in one US State. There is plenty of room on the earth for lots of people. The issue is governance, not resources. Do your own research.

SECOND: Let's be blunt and clear. Conception can occur when a couple has sexual intercourse. That's it. It's that simple. We've so commoditized sex that many simply see it as a casual act and don't care about the consequences: A new life. So let's look at this way: Are you so driven for 20-30 seconds of pleasure during an orgasm that  provides a way to have a potential pregnancy that you willing to kill the baby that is a result of your selfish drive? You could just masturbate. Wait, maybe this most intimate of experiences has a greater purpose than your moment of pleasure. Maybe it's part of pattern that creates personal intimacy that sustains relationships for decades and provides long-term stable environments for children. Maybe there is more to sex than just pleasure.

THIRD: More importantly is the ethical issue of life. If you are so willing to destroy life, selfishly, to protect your future then what will stop someone from destroying you to protect their future if they think you are using more than your reasonable use of resources?

  • When you are old, and absorbing resources for care and producing nothing?
  • If you are injured and incapable of working?
  • When you are deemed not smart enough?
  • Or your race is considered substandard?
  • If there is a huge natural disaster or war and there aren't enough resources?

You see, if you buy the 'woman's right' argument then what about government's right or the right of force? You think just because you escaped the opening of your mother's vagina you are entitled to life? You are wrong if you buy this argument. It's only a matter of physical presence and necessity. 

FOURTH: It is selfish to destroy the future.  We hear a lot about mortgaging our financial future and placing the burden on our children. Abortion is doing the same. We are damning them to a future bereft of talent and wide range human resources. We will cast them into a horrible pit of decisions that will have to be made when, in the near future of Europe and Asia, and later the US, we run out of people to maintain the basic standards of society because they are completely absorbed caring for the elderly.

HONESTLY: Can you really justify the wanton destruction of completely innocent human beings because you are worried about their future? If that's the case, then why would anyone have children?

What are we really doing? Destroying human lives. And that’s just the beginning… Review the chart. Then review Surgical Abortions Chart, the All Abortions Chart, and the Abortions Including pre-Roe v Wade Chart Then read the Moral Cost and the Pragmatic Cost and the Article. Then Watch the "My Little Room" Video. Be sure to read the Background page as well.

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