The Invisible Infants are the children who were aborted and those who would have been born, had not abortion on demand not been legalized through chemical means and Roe v. Wade decided for abortion.

These are the children America could have had, the oldest of whom would now be 53 years old, and the parents of 51 million children of their own and grandchildren.

This is hard to take. Just to ponder the consequences in the US alone.

We weep for mistreated animals and sigh when we see a dead cat on the road. We decry murder and injustice. We comfort couples who have had miscarriage. But we ignore the cries of our fellow humans who are chopped up like fruit in a blender, burned out of the womb by acid, and have their brains sucked out even moments before birth. What have we become?

This is perhaps the most critical issue facing our country. Our housing market will not recover. Our economy will not grow. We are close to the tipping point.  Unless we turn this trend of death to life our country is headed to a slow, painful, descent.

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No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.
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