The Real Cost of Abortion is Far Greater Than the Number of Actual Abortions
Now let's factor in estimate abortions from the inception of the birth control pill in beginning in 1960 leading up to Roe v Wade: 226,403,074 invisible infants.

Note that figures are hard to come by from 1960-1972. These were extrapolated from news stories and other research sites. This chart illustrates that the effects of abortion are far greater than the general data show. In fact, the effects are far reaching when you factor in the loss of births by those who would have been alive and factor in their lost wages, productivity, and the resultant number of missing households of couples and singles.  In fact the numbers are staggering.

What's really frightening about this chart is that it crosses the tipping point where the children of children who weren't born are also not born (marked with Iight-blue under 'Accrued' and 'Avg Child Age').

It equals the entire population of the 17 largest US states. Their income would exceed 285% of our Gross Domestic Product, and would occupy more than 67,272,750 houses and apartments.

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No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.
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